About Herbert C. Robinson

A former column writer for Positive Image newspaper Herbert C. Robinson was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. He still resides in his hometown but also keeps a second residence in Southern California. In his spare time he loves to spend time with his two daughters as well as traveling and experiencing the world’s offerings.

In His Own Words

“From an early age I have always felt like an author, taking my time to write perfect essays in school. Making sure every detail was in its proper place. But what ignited the fire in me to write was a poetry contest I participated in while attending Overbrook high school. I didn’t win, but our poems were featured in a booklet which circulated around to all the city’s schools. Actually seeing my words in that tiny booklet allowed me to realize that one day I could write something that could read by the masses, and have the words from my heart and mind be felt by each reader. From that moment in my teens I have embarked on a journey which has led to me writing The Secret Kept, and since mid2015 my life has taken an extraordinary turn with the runaway success of this exceptional story. My dreams have come true, and I owe the thanks to you guys.”

“Thank you again for all your support. It has meant the world to me. And if anyone were to ask me for my thoughts about this whole experience, I would say dare to dream, because in each dream there is the possibility of it becoming a reality.”

Herbert C. Robinson

The Secret Kept